How to take loan in Airtel number?

How to take loan in Airtel number?
Airtel providing wide range of Quality services in that one service Airtel Loan which service help to you whenever Airtel account balance nill or zero at that time you do not having enough money for crediting your Airtel mobile if you want to make a urjent call to some one here is a right solution described by mayuritricks just simply dial USSD code on keypad of mobile like *141*5#
Now on the screen flashed with  Welcome to Airtel Gifting Service now press exit to get the menu. Now get the Menu with options as Welcome choose option
1.     Share Talktime
2.     Buy Happy Hours Pack
3.     Take Loan/Ask for Talktime
4.     Gift Pack
5.     Call Me Back SMS
6.     Account
7.     Help
From the above list choose third(3) option Take loan/Ask for Talktime, Now enter Number 1 for taking loan of 10Rs. You have successfully entered number and press ok your account automatically credited with 10Rs this credited amount valid for one day.
Note: once loan took from Airtel that amount Again Airtel receive whenever you recharged your account. 2 times loan not given by Airtel until money again Airtel take back.
How to check Airtel Loan status?
Simply follow same procedure after entered 3 option then choose 3 option Now shows you taken loan or not.
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